Why usb otg pendrive is not mounted under /storage using android 10 as it is when using an android 8.1 device?


Jan 14, 2021
Hi to all.
I have three android devices:
1) a rooted asus me302kl modded with nitrogen os (android 8.1)
2) a stock not rooted moto g5 with android 8.1
3) a stock not rooted xiaomi redmi 9 pro with android 10

When I connect an usb pendrive under the first two devices it is mounted under /storage/[uidd] (being [uidd] replaced by the uid of the pendrive lihe 1234-5678) and I can access and modify its contents from within every app I'm using.
When I connect the same pendrive under the xiaomi (the one with android 10), the pendrive is not mounted under /storage/[uidd] and even if I can use a file browser to navigate it, a lot of apps I'm using do not see the pendrive as available and so became useless.
Is it possible to recreate under android 10 the same behavior of android 8.1 so that when a pendrive is connected it is mounted under /storage/[uidd]? Is it an operating system bug?