Why You Can't Get A Xiaomi 5?


Feb 1, 2013
Hey guys,

I've finally been able to get a ceramic version of the Xiaomi 5 Pro (not sure how that one is called in English, I'm talking about the 尊享陶瓷版). But I think I got why it took me so many tries to get it during the flash selling (in China).

I took part to every single the flash selling, from the very first "2000-limited edition" until today. There was three times I was able to get through the captcha and queuing process:

- The 1st one was about two months ago, by the time I confirmed the address it was already sold out.
- The 2nd one was last week. I was on my computer with my account and my wife was on her computer with my 2nd account. I clicked directly at 10h00m00s and was put in queue. She clicked 1-2 secondes later and could get it. But, by the time I told her to confirm it without caring about the address etc.. it was already sold out.
- The 3rd one was today. I opened my account on her computer, thinking that maybe her computer has less latency. And, just in case I opened the 2nd account on my computer. Again, at 10 AM I clicked straight away, enter the Chinese captcha (which still takes me 2-3 secondes) and... I'm put in queue. Then I went on my computer to click with the 2nd account, added the Chinese captcha and, surprise, like last week, I could directly buy it ...

So why I'm writing this?
I think these flash selling aren't as fair as Xiaomi is telling it. Obviously it is not about the speed at which you click because last week I was much faster than my wife and today between the time I entered the captch on my account and the moment I did it on my 2nd account there was at least 20 secondes.

The difference?
Except these two last sellings, I didn't used my 2nd account but I came back every week with the main one, which means the systems could track and know that "this account has a strong interest and is likely to come back again".
There is more hinting in that direction. Between two flash-sellings you have to login to be able to see that the phone is sold out, see the difference:

As they could directly show that the phone is sold out without asking to login first, this is just another way to easily track which account shows enough interest to come back again.

It is not anymore a secret that Xiaomi has production problems with the ceramic version of the Xiaomi 5. Actually, this is the first time they haven't published any selling numbers for a flagship product, which they usually do (for ex. last week with the Redmi 3) and it has been five months!

This is because they don't have enough units to sell. So they have to target to who they should sell; especially after Oneplus released their incredible new phone with higher specs for the same price. The more an account participates to flash-sellings and logs into the website to check if it is finally available, the more chances there is that this person will try again the following week. Therefore, it is better to sell at first to an account that almost never connect and to let the marked account trying again and again. Of course, I can't be 100% certain, but if that's true it would be a really disgusting marketing strategy!

So if you have been trying to get it for a while without success, you should try with a fresh account... And let me know if the same thing happened to you!



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Feb 11, 2012
Nobody from EU buy Xiaomi devices directly from Xiaomi flash sales... Because we can't..

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Jul 17, 2016
Hmm, sorry if this sounds stupid but what is the benefit of flash sales¿

Just the price?

I ordered my mi5 pro ceramic around 5 weeks ago, the delivery took 6 days after payment, 37 hours from pickup in Shenzhen to my place in Germany.

I paid 400 Euro.

So what?


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Feb 1, 2013
No benefit, but that's currently the only way to be 100% certain your phone isn't a fake one. I saw some very well done fake Xiaomi phones, so I just stick to the official shop. And also if there is a problem I can drop in any Xiaomi center to get it fixed in one hour; no paper asked just my mi account.
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