New Wi-Fi Add Network, Privacy, Use randomized MAC not working

Samo Dadela

Feb 14, 2016
my router is setup to whitelist only certain MAC addresses and I'm unable to connect with my Redmi Note 10 Pro (MIUI, 13.0.12, stable). The network I'm trying to connect has a hidden SSID. I add the network by entering SSID, Security: WPA2-Personal, Privacy: Use device MAC, Hidden Network: yes.

From the logs on the router I see it tries to connect with a different SSID each time it connects even if "Use device MAC" is set. I tried rebooting the router, phone with no luck. The phone never manages to connect to this hidden network with mac filtering. I only connects if MAC filtering is disabled.

I'd expect the wifi to use only one MAC address throughout the whole process of connecting.

I looked at possible fixes, but they all require a rooted device.

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Jun 16, 2019

Updated a Mi 11 Ultra to the last weekly via fastboot.

Tasker Tasks stopped working, could be repaired with revoking Tasker permissions and granting them again.

But MAC in Wlan changed to 02:00:00:00:00:00.
MAC Adress in details ist set to MAC Adress of device and NOT to randomly !

Any idea ?

A happy new year!!