In Progress Wi-Fi won't turn on!

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by LuqSkywalker, May 5, 2012.

  1. LuqSkywalker

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    Hey guys, I've just flashed the MIUI ROM v1.60 on my Sensation XE. Everything is fine except for wi-fi! Please help!
  2. jason-567

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    I have bumped this as i am having the same issue on my sensation.... bootloader 1.27 (unlocked).... s - on..... no custom kernal.....

    It just says turning wi-fi on but it doesnt, i have reflashed and wiped a few times, also doubble flashed,,,,

    Any answers?
  3. Pele

    Pele Guest

    can you please provide a logcat or update to the latest miui android build.
  4. jason-567

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    I had no idea how to log cat

    I have resolved the issue by flashing the rom instead of installing zip via CWM

    The issue was caused by the way that i unlocked my boot locker.... keep up the hard work guys

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