Invalid Widevine L1 changes to L3 after installing rom on MI 9.


Jun 9, 2019
At first in global stable rom i have widevine L1 support on MI 9 and after installing this ROM it changes to L3. How to restore Widevine L1 in my device.


Apr 14, 2019
Poco is something different, because there is no China and Global Edition. So the Device is the same all over the world, also the Rom is the same for all. Other Devices have a speficic China and a Global Edition with different Software.


Aug 6, 2019
It might be a bit more complex than that. I've written about the storage mecanics behind Widevine, and the Poco seems to be the only phone in the world to have been whitelisted L1 with an OTA, and the only one where certificates can me manipulated (backup/restore).
- On Sony devices, DRMs are stored on a hidden partition that is wiped on unlock...
- On OnePlus devices, it's on a chip that can't be read when unlocked, but is reversible...
- Samsung have Knox, which is an e-fuse that is blown when unlocked and disable some apps, cannot be reversed...

On ROMs, I suspect that the liboemcrypto file (used for reading DRM) isn't able to check for L1 since Chinese phones can't be more than L3.
- I don't know if the subject has been covered before, and if a port of the EEA crypto has been attempted
- With 9.8.22+ being Q based, this isn't possible anyway.
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