WiFi Call possible ?


Jul 30, 2016

at the moment I use MiUi 11 Global on my Mi 8 lite. Because I have to work a lot in my home office I need the WLan Call. This does not work. The Wlan Call itself is activated.
Now the question would be: If I change to Xiaomi.eu as well the WLan Call will work or would I have bad luck ?


May 17, 2019
Wifi calling works however this is dependent on the operator.
For some operators it works out of the box, for others it works after enabling vowifi but in a lot of cases none of the above work as it is dependent on the profile used by the modem and xiaomi seems intent on using generic ones.

There are ways around this (some searching is needed - would suggest xda) but it does involve having a rooted phone, access to a windows machine and qfil to change the profile. Sometimes this does not stick between reboots and the procedure is not for the faint of heart but it is doable at your own risk. Backups of important stuff and persist partitions are highly recommend.