Will @Poney70 aka "xiaomi.eu bible" leave us ?


Apr 19, 2014
Hi @Poney70 I read that you bought a new phone and will eventually leave us.

I think I speak on behalf of all users ...

Thanks for the competent support, your TWRP & Magisk modules, your solution suggestions and analyses.
No matter in which topic I look, your name appears everywhere and the likes of the users confirm that you could help them.

You always had an open ear for everyone! Even if a question was already asked several times, you answered it accordingly.

Instead of using the search function, some have simply asked you...
Because you are a backbone of the forum, you are the "Xiaomi.eu Bible", you have a KnowHow of which one can only dream !

Personally I thank you for the support with the scripts and for the great together !!!

@Poney70 I wish you all the best, keep your ears stiff and finally a big ... THANK YOU !

If @Poney70 answers, leave as many likes as possible for him, I think we owe it to him !

Thank you very much, kind regards Mark
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