Wipe or Format data?


Sep 29, 2018
Well I have a Mix 4 and was running the latest stable build. I wanted to try the weekly build posted yesterday.

The problem I will be talking about is a problem that I always encounter when I try to go from stable to weekly or vice versa.

I think I read before that I need to have a clean install if I switch between stable and weekly to avoid any problems or crashes.
I also read that I need to format data to do so ( not just wipe data) which means I need to enter the wipe menu and choose format data, type yes to confirm then its done.

The problem is after formatting data, my phone internal storage shows no size after I connect it to my laptop so I can not put the weekly ROM in the phone storage to flash it. I read on other threads that I can fix this problem by repairing the file system of the data partition, change the file system of the data to EXT2 then EXT4. Unfortunately, this did not help and still my storage shows no size after connecting to the laptop.

I tried to push the zip to the data partition using the adb push command. but after I tried to install it, I always get an error saying the system_root/ system_ext/ vendor/ ODM ... etc can not be mounted . sometimes as invalid arguments and some times because no such file or directory exists. I also found out that I can not mount any of those partitions in the mount menu. I can only mount the data partition.

So what is the problem ? and how can it be fixed? was formatting data a wrong option and I should have just wiped data? or its correct to format data but I'm missing something?

Thanks for your reply


Oct 24, 2021
Hello, if you switching between stable and weekly you always need to format data and after you need to rebbot your phone into recovery, so you can use data partition.
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