Wireless charging / Qi by DIY


Aug 28, 2018
Hello people,

yesterday I've broken my screen of my Mi4c. Because that I thougt about to add a charging coil inside the Mi4c. I bought from Ebay for ~3€


I soldered the minus from the coil to the outer pin on the USB typ C and the plus to the fourth from the outside. I think it does not matter if I solder it from one side or the other side...or have I thought incorrectly about that!?

Now if I put the cellphone with the soldered coil over a charging pad, the LED is lighting and a flash is in the battery in the screen --> is it loading!

But the display does not change. And after a half hour the LED goes out but the flash is on the battery in the display.

Anybody knows what's wrong? May be the current is to low? I think the output is 5V / 1A --> 5W...may be is too low for charging??