Work contacts and Xiaomi Dialer


Aug 16, 2019
Hi all,
I'm using latest ROM (MIUI 12.5, 21.1.6 beta) on my Mi9, I can list my work contacts in Xiaomi Dialer app in work profile but not in the main one.
I also installed Google Phone & Contacts in which I can list my work contacts in both main and work profile.
In this configuration when a work contact calls me it shows only the number and I always have to guess who it is on the other end.
Is there a way to share work contacts in Xiaomi Dialer?

I also tried to set Google as system default dialer, when I click on a number the phone starts the Google App but when I start or receive a call it switches to Xiaomi Dialer.
Is there a way to have Google Phone as the real default dialer?