Samsung Working DSP Manager (for non-stock CM9 kernels like Devil, etc.)

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    Update 20120426:

    So I've learned fromGiulioVale that DSP_Manager is now found as a downloadable app in UpdateMe! very cool! :) You need to be running stock CM9 kernel in order for it to work.

    As of this writing tho, I don't know why I can't make it work still after a fresh new flash of both the MIUIv4 2.4.21 and DSP_MIUIv4 zips. If you have tips, please let me know. I wouldn't want to conclude giving up trying. Also, seeing the CM9 kernel missing the features I loved with Devil 0.72 and knowing that the latest DSP_Manager only works on CM9 kernel, it's hard to not go back at using my zip instead (or at least for the mean time). So I have updated the thread's title.

    Original Post:

    I'm creating this thread to stray away any DSP Manager post I started from Andy's thread. If you're not using his ROM and still on MIUI-GB, you're missing out :)

    Anyway, attached is the CWM zip I tried modifying. It is based from Asnet's previous DSP Manager zip but added a couple of configuration files.
    Update: This zip is now for people who want DSP Manager but not using the stock CM9 kernel.

    Some bullets on my quest/tests for this:
    • This DSP Manager is a little outdated version. BUT it is the only one I found to be working with all the zips I have tried to use or extract(from full ROMS). So if you whine, I believe this will not be for you.
    • Latest CM9 nightly and dspmanager.apk also doesn't seem to load no matter how I mix and match.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but:
    • I have a faint memory of reading some post somewhere about DSP Manager getting more integrated with AOSP Music so it could probably be why the latest DSP Manager it isn't working. Update: I now recall more (after installing DSP_Manager from UpdateMe) about DSP Manager getting updated to have Voodoo Sound functions being controlled thru the DSP Manager app. I wasn't aware tho that they'll be implementing Voodoo Sound on the CM9 kernel differently that the Voodoo Sound app won't be able to detect it and that the CM9 kernel is a requirement before you can use the more recent DSP app. I liked the idea, but I can't get it to work still, so I'm still using this zip as of the moment because I'm using Devil's kernel.
    • I believe there isn't a difference in sound quality with the recent CM9 Nightly DSP Manager and this. What matters is that it works without hitch (at least for me with every attempt to flash. Please post your comments if it worked on you or not, Thanks! :) )
    My Configuration:
    • Currently on Andy MIUIv4 2.4.21
    • Devil 0.72 CFS BLN CMC
    • Voodoo Sound (adds even more bass boost to DSP Manager)
    • Governor: ondemand
    • I/O Sched: sio
    • Player: MIUI Music (Any player works, even games benefit with the bass and equalizer)
    If you don't notice any sound difference after turning on Bass Boost/EQ:
    • Test it with any hiphop track, like "Chris Brown - Look at me now" and toggle BB/EQ on and off.
    • Better than stock headphones recommended :)
    Please tell me if it works for you or not. As for me, it always work without a miss this time (unlike the past previous attempts I made)

    Thanks to:
    • GiulioVale for the info
    • NightShack0 (WEUI) for directions
    • Asnet for the base
    Attached below still works with 2.4.27 :)

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    Sorry for beeing newbish, how to do i use your attached zip-file?
    Im paranoid about things im not 100% sure at.
    Thank you in advance!
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    You would need to learn how to flash using kernel that supports CWM (Clockwork Mod). The attachment is a cwm flashable zip.
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    DSP manager has stopped working ?????/ Z:(:(:(:(:(:(
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    are you on stock MIUIv4 kernel from Andy (the stock CM9 kernel)? you need to use a different kernel (Devil, Glitch, etc.)

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