Xiamoi.eu-Rom on Mi 10


Aug 24, 2020
Hello everyone,

I have a Xiaomi Mi 10 (Global / EUX version) since two weeks. Before that I actually only had iPhones for years. But I am absolutely thrilled with Xiaomi and MIUI.

Nevertheless I'm interested in the Xiaomi.eu ROM. But I have a few questions to which I have not found any answers yet. I hope that someone here can help me.

1. Where can I find a changelog for the versions? The current version for the Mi 10 is - what is the difference to or even the "original" Global-Firmware

2. which system app versions are included? I'm especially interested in the Gallery, because you can't update the system apps. Is version (or newer) included?

3. is the camera equipped with the "Dynamic Shots" option (live photos)? This is missing in the Global / EUX version... :(

4. is the "Mi Health" app included? Can I connect my Mi Band to it (instead of the Mi Fit app)?

5. does Google Maps / location sharing work without problems?

6. does Google Drive backup work?

6.1 Can I use Google Photos as a backup without any limitations compared to the global ROM?

7. can I install the Saturn Super Wallpaper without any problems or is that not possible due to the limitations of the system apps?

8. are there really problems with the fingerprint scanner as displayed by the unlock tool?

9. are all original MIUI apps included? Dialer, messages, calendar etc.?

10. Are there any serious bugs on the Mi 10?

11. Does the Security-App work properly? There are a lot of bugs in the Global / EUX-Version (e.g. the Facebook cleaner doesn't work and the data usage is showing totaly wrong numbers...).

12. Can I access the additional "sound / earphone"-settings (equalizer...) using Bluetooth Headphones (Mi TW Earphones 2 Basic)? Seems to work with wired headphones and I read that people can use it on other phones WITH bluetooth headsets. So it's most likely a bug in the global ROM....

Now I just have to wait 168 hours for the bootloader unlock (and for some answers). Then I can start flashing the Xiaomi.eu Rom. :)
Keep up the great work.

Thanks for your help!
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