Xiaomi 12 Pro - Persistent notifications


Feb 25, 2017
With my Xiaomi Mi 9 I had found a way to make persistent notifications available only by opening the control center, while in the notification bar I only saw all the other notifications (obviously I decided which apps should show notifications not in the notification bar but only in the control center).

2022-11-06 03.06.08.jpg

2022-11-06 03.06.11.jpg

These screenshots demonstrate that these two notifications are not shown in the status bar but only if you open the control center.

With my new Xiaomi 12 Pro, stable 13.0.41, I was unable to do this, if I hide the notifications, they disappear everywhere, while if I show them, they are shown everywhere.

Do you know a way to do what I used to do with the Mi9? It is very helpful for me to avoid wasting space in the status bar with notifications that are always present.