Xiaomi Box Reinstall Help!

Apr 5, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the Xiaomi world, I have multiple M8S devices and found a Xiaomi at my mom's house and decided to play around with it in order to get KODI on it. I don't watch Chinese and the box was preloaded with tons of Chinese TV addons.

I managed to change the default language to English from Chinese. Installed KODI and everything was working great. Then I got over confident and started deleting Chinese apps that I didn't want.

Looks like I ended up deleting everything.

Now when I turn the box on, all I get are 6 squares. If I remember correctly, 1 is to set up the wifi, another is to set the screen resolution, another is the about function... there are few others, but I'm pretty sure that I somehow deleted Android OS from it.

It's back in Chinese and I don't know what to do.

Does anyone know how I can reinstall Android OS, or just reset it? All I want is KODI on it.

Thanks in Advance!