Xiaomi.eu Stable Rom Twrp And Rooting

Jul 24, 2015

My mother has a Redmi 2, specifically the HM2XWCPro (wt88047). I wanted to flash the latest stable release on her phone since xiaomi.eu weekly updates are EOL.

The phone is currently on the xiaomi.eu 6.9.1 weekly developer version.

The latest stable release is xiaomi.eu_multi_HM2XWCPro_V8.2.1.0.LHJCNDL_v8-5.1.zip

I had a couple questions about the TWRP version and rooting the phone.

1. Which TWRP version do I use? Currently the phone has TWRP 3.0.0-1. Is this version okay?

2. Which version of SuperSu do I flash to get root? Currently the phone has SuperSu v2.79

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