Xiaomi m1s unboxing (Italian)

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi One/Mi One S' started by emaz, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. emaz


    Oct 14, 2012
    I made a little unboxing video of my xiaomi m1s , just to proove to people that i have one of them! XD

    The video was uploaded on the channel XiaomiUnofficial

    The phone was bought on hotmid.com 327 $

    Item was shipped from China to Italy
    shipping method was dhl (but at last was shipped by ems, because i was in the remote are of dhl)

    the phone was bought on 02/11/12
    seller sent me the tracking number on the 12/11/12, after a mail asking for the tracking
    item went in Italy on the 13/11/12
    i've got the package on the 16/11/12

    The amount of time was 15 days

    I had to pay custom because the seller declared the full value of the phone, but previously we accorded a lower value and sent it as a mp4. He wasn't affordable in that sense, Wolf230 had the same experience of mine from hotmid.

    The phone is a real xiaomi everything was ok the box the charger the cable.

    So for me hotmid.com is a safe place to buy a phone, but the seller will always declare the full value of the item and this could be a problem.

    I hope my experience will be helpful to newcomers.

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