Xiaomi Mi 10 5g - Volume e Download


Mar 28, 2021
Hi everyone, I have a problem with the Xiaomi.eu Weekly both the latest version and the previous ones. Even D cell with screen turned off if touch the VOL keys the volume is lowered and rises. I often find myself with silent phone. In addition to this problem I also have another if you unload any files I can't see it with download app but only with an espolora files and inside the Download folder the files are there. How can I solve? Thank you
P.S.: twrp unofficial 3.5.1

Ciao tutti ho un problema con la xiaomi.eu weekly sia l'ultima versione sia le precedenti. Anche d cell con schermo spento se tocco i tasti vol il volume si abbassa e si alza. Spesso mi ritrovo con telefono in silenzioso. Oltre a questo problema ne ho anche un altro se scarico un Files qualsiasi non riesco a vederlo con app download ma solo con un espolora files e all'interno della cartella download i Files ci sono. Come posso risolvere? Grazie

P.S.: twrp unofficial 3.5.1
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May 29, 2020
We also have a problem: we don't understand your language because this is an international section where we write only in English.
Thanks for understanding.
Ps: Google translator is your friend.