New Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro main camera problem with the sensor?


Apr 5, 2022
Hi, i have this strange problem with my phone. When i take photo at day light with the main camera only /50MP sensor/, the brightest object are in pink at the photo also the darker photos are a little blurred. The phone is new, i flashed with MUI 13 EU version, but i think before the flash it was the same? Any ideas or experiences?
the pink effect

Thanks in advance
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Apr 18, 2022
I get problems with HDR pictures. They where overexposed and blown out. All of them. So I updated the software and now is better but still not perfect at some times. Mostly when detecting face it makes pictures very bright. Haven't had that on miui 12,5.
On my other phone, mi 10 i get slightly pink face when using AI on HDR and direct sun.
So try to restore the camera app or update your software it can help