Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite | Encrypted Internal Storage


Sep 13, 2020
My problem is the following:

I have recently had the Mi Note 10 Lite. It comes with MIUI 11.0.8 and when I was looking for an update it came out that 11.0.11 was available, so far so good.

Then what I did was unlock the Bootloader, I had to wait 7 days to unlock it, to install TWRP and install MIUI 12.0.2.

This is where the problem starts:

When installing the TWRP corresponding to the Mi Note 10 Lite, everything was fine until it did not let me install the ROM. I looked for information, I saw a lot of videos on how to install both the TWRP, by itself I had made a mistake in something, and how to install the ROM. (It must be said that I was trying to install the stable one) But nothing worked for me.

Summarizing this, in the end I ended up without ROM on the mobile and could not install anything because, it told me that "/ data" could not be mounted or it gave me errors including "unable to mount storage".

In the end I managed to put a ROM, which was MIUI 11.0.11, but, I had to remove TWRP to be able to do it.

So what's up?

The big problem is that when I was updating choosing an update package and trying to install MIUI 12, it told me that the "Internal storage is encrypted" and that I had to enter the password when restarting in Recovery Mode.

The password I suppose is that of MY Account, which I know perfectly, but the point is that it did not ask me for anything and it did not update, it only restarted and I suppose that because I did not have TWRP installed.

In the end I update to MIUI 12, I don't have TWRP and the storage is still encrypted and I don't know how to decrypt it and have TWRP.

The way I did it was by installing TWRP, and then installing a .ZIP (no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0) and then without restarting, install MIUI 12.0.2.

It worked? Yes

But it is still encrypted and I am afraid that when I want to update MIUI 12 due to bugs or optimization, I will have to do the same losing data and continue with the encrypted internal storage.

Can someone help me fix this please. !?



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