Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set push notifications


Oct 9, 2021
Hello everyone, i bought the aforementioned set which consists of smart hub, wifi switch, 2 motion sensors and 2 door magnet sensors. I set it up to my region (Macedonia) and all was set - the notifications were normally sent and i received them on my phone. However, today out of the blue the notifications are not receivers, irregardless i am on the home wifi or 4g. Nothing was changed in the settings at all, nothing was fiddled with. Tried some solutions i can find online but no push notifications. Tried even with installing the mi home app on another phone, push notifications worked for a little bit and then stopped again. Also tried with older versions of the mi home, setting no limits on the app etc.
The phone is Samsung s21 ultra exynos, home router is Xiaomi ax1200, mi home app version 6.11.702. Anyone with any suggestions on how to fix this? Cause it is kinda worthless if i cant get notifications on my phobe.