Xiaomi Mi10T - GPS poor precision issue when Android GPS "High precision" mode is enabled.


Dec 22, 2022
Hi Everyone,

I noticed that my Xiaomi Mi10T is facing poor GPS precision(using any maps apps such as Waze,Gmaps,etc) whenever Android GPS "high precision" mode is enabled(which is the default configuration).

Workaround to fix issue is to disable the Android GPS "high precision" mode, but it's very annoying problem as Android will keep changing to enable "high precision" mode. And to be honest, from user point of view it is expected to have better GPS precision when using this mode but unfortunately reality is the opposite.

Any one is also facing this issue and know if Xiaomi has any plan to fix this issue ? I tried to report this issue to Xiaomi via their MiUI bug report from my phone but I never got a reply from them.