Xiaomi Mi2 - Mi2S ROM compatibility

May 1, 2013
Hi, I was wondering if the ROMs available for the Xiaomi Mi2 are compatible also with the Xiaomi Mi2S, despite the different CPU and Camera.
I've searched for this on Google but I couldn't be able to find an answer. If someone has tried to flash a Mi2 ROM on a Mi2S and the phone has not bricked, can you tell me?

Thank you very much in advice
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Aug 20, 2011
Thank you for your answer, but can you explain me how can this be possible? Isn't the CPU different? The kernel should be different too.
The same way you can install Linux distro on my PC and yours, and we have different hardware. Kernel supports more hardware.

Except MI2A which is different. And adding support for another model (with older board than MI2) would cause rom to be larger than current.

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