New Xiaomi MI2S / MIUI V5 "Missed Call Reminder" interference error

Jun 22, 2013
MIUI has a "missed call reminder" setting, under, Phone/Settings/More phone settings/missed call reminder. This appears to override the "delay" and "interval" settings for the "Prof Reminder" Google app even when I set the MIUI "missed call reminder" to "No reminder".

Is there a fix for this so that the "Missed Call Reminder" does not interfere with the "Prof Reminder" Google app?

It would be good to have additional features like, options for adjusting "delay time", "interval time", "profiling" for urgent calls received. These options are especially important when you have a GSM car alarm and/or house alarm that sends you a call or text when the alarm is activated. In these circumstances time is crucial because response time could be the difference between no, minimal, or major damage to personal property or pets on site.

For me, this is the only shortfall with MIUI. Everything else is beautiful. I have been proactive with this issue and so every week after the ROM update, I send a MIUI feedback through via the phone in the hope that one day the developers will make some adjustments.