[Xiaomi Mi2S] Questions from a new owner (rooting & undervoltage)

Jul 15, 2013

In a few days I am expecting with air-mail a brand new Xiaomi Mi2s (16GB) and I have some questions, just to be ready :) I do not have any previous experince with MIUI except a bad flash with an early version of MIUI on a ZTE Blade.

Right now I am using a Galaxy Note2 (stock rom) and the Mi2S is going to replace it. So I need some clarifications:
1) Should I do a nandroid backup when I receive it ? Just in Case ?
2) I will need to update it to the latest 3.7.12 and also flash the multilingual package (as I need the Greek language) for 3.7.12. Is it a easy to follow and do procedure ?
3) Do I need to root it or is it already rooted ?
4) As the battery consumption is very important to me, is it feasible to undervoltage the cpu/gpu and also lower the clocks (like from 1.7 to 1.2 or 1.3) ? Is it possible to guide me to the correct direction ? I have seen the 3100mAh battery but it makes the Mi2S bigger and heavier.

Thank you in advance for your replies

PS. Happy to find you, greetings from GREECE !!!!
Oct 13, 2012
1.). Cant nandroid this phone on the stock recovery.
3.). Root is included in the miui android ROM
4.). Undervolting, IMHO, is under rated. The snapdragon 600 is quite power efficient, and likes to enter deep sleep when possible. This phone is very good on battery life.

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May 22, 2013
1.) No, you do not. There are no data to save. You can always restore it through miflash.
2.) No. You only need to flash 3.7.12 multilang. First time after phone will come to you, flash it through update app, then reboot and once more through update app. Every next version you flash once only.

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