Xiaomi mi3 Screen Broke

Mar 15, 2014

I have my Xiaomi mi3 for 3 months now. I bought it on *******.com a very trustable site.

But now I have a problem. Yesterday I had my phone in the charger and I forgot that it was in there. So I stood up and tried to walk away and at the moment the wire got to short the phone slipped out of my hand and came down very hard screen first on the ground. I picked it up again and unfortunatly the bottom part of the screen of my phone was completely broken.

So right now only the top part of the screen is working. And I was wondering is there any way to let someone repair the screen for me? Because I cant do it myself. And on this moment my phone is not working properly enough anymore to use it.

So does anyone know how, where, and for how much I can let the phone be repaired. Money is not the biggest problem as long as it's not more then buying a new phone.
Feb 18, 2014
Next Saturday, March 22nd I will be back in Shanghai. I already had the idea to go once more to the Xiaomi Service Center. I plan to ask them stuff like what you also would like to know: What do you repair where for how much? How long will it take? What about phone-owners from outside China? Are there any repair centers outside China? If yes, where are they? How much for post and package? How to pay? Once I have learned all that stuff I will publish it in here.

If I missed some questions we all might want to know related to after-sales-service, post them here.
Feb 18, 2014
Here are the results of my 2nd visit to the Xiaomi Service Center in Shanghai. I got a lot of details, but you will not like them: The price for a new display is 600,- RMB. The price for exchanging it is 40,- RMB. If you happen to be in China and close to a Service Center like in Shanghai or Beijing , you should make a reservation via the website. Then you will only have to wait about 1 hour till you get your phone back.

If you are outside China, you are out-of-luck. Not only that there is no english support on their hotline (400 100 5678), even worse: you cannot reach them from out of China. You also cannot send your phone to them, as packages from outside of China will be rejected. The clerk did not only speak very good english, she also tried her best to get me all the answers I wanted. She even contacted their hotline to confirm the information she had.

If you know someone who lives in China, you should send the phone to that person, who then should send it to Xiaomi. According to what I have learned it should take 14 to 28 days (incl. transsport) till the phone will have found its way back to your chinese contact. All fees for repair, transport and package will have to be paid when your contact receives the phone again.

As an alternative she recommended to perhaps get in contact with the Xiaomi hotline in Singapore at +65 6761 6088. However, I just read here that they were not even willing to support someone via their Chat support. I guess, this means, that they also will not be willing to help you on the phone. You however still could try.

All in all: At least for now Xiaomi seems to ignore customers which happen to be in areas outside China or Singapore.
There is one thing left you could try: Get in contact with the person that is in charge for "Overseas Marketing". I know that this defenitely is not a direct way to their service, however, you might be lucky, perhaps he replies or even forwards your mail to someone who can actually help you. Worst case for you: No reply. Worst case for him: He needs a new eMail-address as his account is flooded. Here is his current eMail-address: alvin(at)xiaomi.com.

Good luck! And keep us updated!
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