Xiaomi Mi3 virtual reality googles request

Jan 5, 2015
Hi all, I'm a proud user Of a Xiaomi Mi3. Just would like to ask a very small request to all mi3 community members. Carl Zeiss just released it's own brand virtual reality headset (something similar to oculus rift). This headset like some others uses a smartphone as the device screen. I only ask if you guys can support (simply by voting in the link below) the release of a custom made xiaomi mi3 tray designed to work with the Zeiss Vr one headset.
All is needed is to choose the xiaomi mi3 among the different smartphone options 'you just need to click on the mi3 and that's it, it takes like 3 secs to do it'.
Here is the official poll voting webpage, don't worry no spam, or anything weird in here:

If you are interested in the headset here is the website:

Thanks in advance to everyone.
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