Xiaomi Mi3WCDMA G-sensor problem

Hello. So this is problems description:
It all started when I broke my screen and decided to change it by myself. It was the first time I looked inside my Mi3. Repair was almost successful, so I had to open it once again later to change proximity sensor(glue was stronger than bus). Right now I face one more problem - automatic screen rotate doesn't work, compass(app) stands still, google maps cannot find direction, that means G-sensor doesn't work.
So I opened my Mi3 once more. When I uncovered motherboard and decided to turn the phone on G-sensor was working again, but as soon as I closed motherboards cover it stopped working. After few tries it seemed that G-sensor stops working when I push on the cover and works again when I take it away.
If somebody fixed this problem or has an idea how to do it please let me now