Xiaomi Mi4i 4g Bands

Sep 3, 2015
Hi all,

I want to intoduce myself to this Forum and I have a question about Xiaomi mi4i device.

I have bought it from a Chinese shop, and although in the specifications the device has the 2600 mhz band available to connect to 4g network, in box the specification only shows 1800 mhz band.

Is there any way to verify the bands which my device is ablet to connect to? For example, a "secret" menu, an app?

Thank you in advance.
Apr 19, 2014
I encountered the same fear...
I received on sept 15 my new Mi4i 32G.
It has also a specification label on the box with only FDD LTE 1800MHz band...
My operator is Free Mobile in France, and it known for using exclusively the 2600MHz band for 4G.
I connect properly to the Free 4G network, so it is only a label mistake.