Xiaomi Mibox And Raspberry Pi As Audio Receiver Via Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi TV' started by teldasur, Aug 10, 2017 at 9:39 PM.

  1. teldasur


    Hello everybody,

    I'm trying to get my mibox working with the raspberry pi as an audio receiver via Bluetooth.

    Actually my mibox is connected via the jack cable to my amp. I want to be able to stream audio via Bluetooth to my rapsberry pi which is connected via the jack or the optical output to my amp.

    The purpose is to remove the need of a cable between the mibox and the amp.

    So two question : first as somebody tried this ? I tried and didn't succeed. The pi was working because I tried to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the pi and it worked. But as the mibox was connected, I didn't heard a sound.

    So is there a technicality I would not be aware of for Bluetooth with the mi box ?

    Thank you.

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