XIAOMI MIJIA 1080P Smart IP Camera


Apr 7, 2020
I bought an Xiaomi Mijia Security Camera 1080p a year ago. I noticed that since December 2019 the connection and finding the camera has become more and more difficult. Sometimes the connection becomes blissful. Sometimes the camera is not found in the Mi Home application even though I checked on my server and the camera does traffic, so it works. I mention that the camera connects ONLY to a server in China.

After a few refresh attempts, the camera appears.
I suspected that the camera was broken and I bought a new camera connected to a server in Germany.
The new camera works perfectly. It connects almost instantly. It has a different playback interface and the image is played faster.
Now I deduce that the problem comes from the server on which the camera is connected.

I also ask specialists and programmers from Xiaomi: why these discriminations are made for the same product.
I have not encountered such a situation on other devices from
another company.

In order to play a camera I have to log in with a user and password on one server (china) and in order to log on to another camera, I have to log off and log in with the same user and password, but on another server (Germany)?
I am completely disappointed!!!
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