New Xiaomi mini wifi router issue

Apr 16, 2014
Hi guys,

Been having issues getting the mini router to work on my pc and was hoping that anyone here knows what to do about it.

I've installed the driver miwifi_setup_1.0.175, plugged in the device (even without firewall on) and had my internet cable connected to my PC.
The program detects that there is something plugged in and wants to make the network, but gives an error message that's unable to create the wifi network. You can see the steps in the program in attachment.
messages from router.jpg

I've contacted the place i bought it at: *******.com, but all they do is tell me stuff i already know (install driver, check firewall etc.) For some reason they say the error says something about the firewall, even though that's not the case.
Finally they said to go ask here on the forum...

If anyone think they know what the problem might be, please help!!! Thanks!
Apr 16, 2014
Hi ingbrzy and thanks for you help. I managed to get the software to connect with the router and change settings etc.
However, when connecting devices (tried Mi2s, Nexus7) they got stuck on 'obtaining IP address' (after the authenticating) and just repeated the twoo stages; authenticating and obtaining IP, but without making a connection eventually.
Any thoughts?
Jun 21, 2014
I must be too late to this party.
Have you solve it?

It the problem is related to the obtaining IP process, your router must be having problems attributing IP addresses to the items.
It must be related to the DHCP.

Tell me about your set up at your home.
What internet connection do you have: Fiber or ADSL?
Do you have your router connected straight to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) ?
Do you have your router as a bridge over to other router or it is the main and only router?