Xiaomi Note 9 | MIUI Global 11.0.1 | Google Apps (Dealer, Adressbook)


Jul 23, 2020
Hello, community.

I have a problem with the newly purchased Xiaomi Note 9 and the current MIUI.
I don't use Google and my calendar, contacts and email only works with Microsoft Outlook "@outlook.com", "@live.com".
After buying the device I had to realize painfully that it is not possible to synchronize my contacts in an easy way. The e-mails and calendar entries I get with the own Outlook app synchronized.
I have already made a request to unlock the bootloader and wanted to know if Xiaomi's own address book and phone app are available with your EU version.
Maybe someone can tell me how configure my outlook address this in the Global version. I was told that the .apk files are also available for download somewhere. But i don't know where.