Xiaomi Portable Usb Led Light - White (gallery + Video) :d

Mar 17, 2016
Yeeeep :D thats not a joke :D

here is my review on the Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light thingy...

Cons: it works :D
Pros: none so far

oook now seriously...

compared to the other usd led solutions out there i think this one should get a
9/10 score

in details

1. Build quality
really impressed. great materials. does not have this cheap look and feel at all

2. Durability
so far it bends perfectly. Led dimmer looks protected.
dropped it several times on the ground without any consequences.

but i will update after 2-3 months of usage

3. Compatibility
I tried it on almost anything.
external batter pack (not xiaomi). On both 1A and 2A
normal chargers
Laptop usb 3 and old laptops with usb 1
and my tv....
.. it just works :D

5) Brightness
"Even if you had all the money in the world... you would still want more"
This by it seldf above explains my point of view about the brightness here...
Despite the fact that its really bright and the diffuser in-front of the led/s spreads the light really good... i still think it can do better :p

6) PICS or it never happened

full sized gallery:




So there you have it

TOTAL: 9/10 score
Build quality:10/10
Durability: 10/10 (so far)(will update in a few months)
Compatibility: 10/10
Brightness: 8/10


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