Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro blocked in bootloop, can't unlock, can't flash, can't access MIUI's settings


Feb 8, 2021
Hello there.

I have little hopes someone will be able to help me out there but I try anyway because I don't know what to do anymore at this point.

Since the start of this year 2021, my phone went to bootloop. I can access Recovery 3.0 or Fastboot mode, but when I try to unlock with MiFlash Unlock 4.5.813.51 or with fastboot commands (fastboot flashing unlock, fastboot oem unlock, fastboot oem unlock-go), they both tell me overall that I need to turn on the permissions to unlock in MIUI settings (MIUI's Settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock status, FAILED (remote: Token Verify Failed, Reboot the device)). But I can't access MIUI's settings since my phone is blocked in a bootloop.

MiPCSuite tells me that I need to "connect my phone in normal mode first" which is obviously impossible so I can't use it.

MiFlash2020-3-14-0 tells me error:"Flash xbl error" when I try to flash with the official global ROM (tulip_global_images_V12.0.1.0.PEKMIXM_20201229.0000.00_9.0_global) and I guess this is because my phone is locked.

When I try the command 'fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability', it tells me that the variable get_unlock_ability is at 0 and I understand I need to turn it 1 but can't do it on my phone so I ask you : is there any solutions to enable the unlock statu externaly or to bypass it?

I heard about deepflash cables but I don't know if it's related.