Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 , 4/128 all time restarting problem [xiaomi.eu , MIUI 12, 20.6.11]


Jun 18, 2020
Hello, I have a problem with Redmi Note 7, 4GB / 128GB. I recently updated xiaomi.eu rom to MIUI 12: 20.6.11. At first everything was OK. However, after a few days, the phone fell into a loop of random reboots. From yesterday evening the phone literally went crazy constantly restarts. It cannot be started. Redmi Logo appears and restart. Sometimes it loads into the MIUI Logo but then again the restart, once started normally, but after a while RESTART.Over and over again, fastboot entry doesn't help, because after a while there is a restart.The same in recovery starts (I have OrangeFox Recovery) and immediately restart.I tried to upload soft again using MiFlash but it can't be done because it breaks the connection with the computer and program because phone is restart ..Later, the battery was probably low because it didn't show the Redmi logo anymore, just a black screen, short vibration and restart.Finally the battery fell down and turned off.Today I connected it to the charger starts (the battery logo is shown and the white LED lights up) but again the restart is still reset and the battery logo is showing ..Now it resets with the black screen only. (It is connected to the charger) I tried different chargers and cables (I have 2 USB C cables and 3 original chargers, Baseus fast charging and Baseus ordinary) nothing helps. I don't know what to do anymore .. You have an idea ... HELP. Sorry my English.


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