Yeelight And Youtube Issues With 6.4.21 And 6.4.28

Jan 24, 2016

i have some Problems with actual and previous ROM. (6.4.28 and 6.4.21).

1.) Sometimes the Youtube APP crashs when i start videos, then the app will be closed and i can´t play the "bad" videos. Even after cache wipe (ROM and APP) and forced closing i can´t play the videos.

2.) I can´t connect my yeelight! My phone can´t find it. I tested it with other phones (redmi 2 pro with miui 7.1 and redmi 2 pro with miui 7, ...), with this phones i find the yeelight.

Does anyone known the issues?
Apr 22, 2016
There have been some problems with 6.4.28 but the .zip was reuploaded so download it again and install. Btw 6.4.28 is good for me at least.

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