YouTube in background


Jun 26, 2018
Prior to MIUI 10 I used a common trick to keep YouTube music running in the background when I switched tabs in Chrome or opened a new application. YouTube closes by default when you open another application. The well known work around was to open YouTube in Chrome, switch to 'desktop site' and then play your song. When you switch to another tab or open another application a little speaker notification icon pops up at the top of your phone and when you pull down notifications there you see a player that allows you to pause, play, etc. The music pauses by default when you switch tabs, etc., but once you pull down notifications and hit play it continues to play in the background as you surf the web and do other tasks.

When I upgraded from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 this functionality disappeared. Now when I start YouTube in Chrome (desktop site) and switch tabs or apps the music stops. No speaker icon appears at the top of my phone and when I pull down the notifications shade there is no player. Is this MIUI 10 or common to Oreo? I've tried enabling notifications for Chrome, Google, and my music player but no luck.

Any suggestions to get YouTube to play in the background again most welcome.