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Jde na MI MIX 3 po odemčení nainstalovat EU ROM nějakým jiným způsobem, než pomocí TWRP, které ještě není, nějaké čínské neodzkoušené ?
Can you make the device software as 32bit?We used it very badly.Upgrade to 64 bit . Please get feedback. previous post got deleted today at 1:41 am.
Reason given for deletion: "Read the damn post rules before posting!"

No idea though, what I did wrong...
I just asking for mi a2 lite. Im not asking for ota or when will be a rom. Dont know what i did wrong :) Sorry for my english.
Hi, I've seen your works in forum theme section and I appreciate them a lot.
I've been using Sunset and I'd suggest a theme similar to PitchBlack Red, so black with red accent.
Thank you anyway for your attention.

Keep volume keys control media .
I am in stock developer rom v8.10.11(poco)
Volume keys control media
Please keep it
Thank u.
hi my friend , could you help me flashing persist partition to my mi8 to fix camera sensor. i saw that there are a few guides related to this issue. but i didn't understand if i need to flash dm-verity disabler or not after flashing persist.img ?