Yeelight DIY LED Strip WiFi Kit 16 Million Colors (YLDD01YL)

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Yeelight DIY LED Strip WiFi (2.4G 802.11b/g/n) Kit (YLDD01YL) can be fitted almost anywhere (power is required) under a chair, TV stand, on your balcony, or under a table... the possibilities are endless. This kit allows you to interconnect more than one set of Yeelight DIY LED Strips together to combine and form a truly tailored LED lighting experience just for you.

Each strip comes with Power pack, 3M adhesive tape backed on the LED strip itself and operating manual. The LED strip can be controlled using the Xiaomi Mi Home APP and can be set up to automatically switch on / off and remember its last known state for color settings. The LED can be set to use either full color or white LED light depending on your mood. You can also combine this product with Mi Jia Smart Gateway and WiFi switches to add greater levels of control to your lighting environment.

Yeelight DIY LED Strip also has a party mode where the music can control the output of the lighting in a phase style or pulsating mode. Compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above, has a lifetime use of 25000 hours and output of 12W. Colors available, 16 million, dimming from 1% to 100% brightness control. Voltage supports 100-240V at 50-60Hz 0.2A avg and weighs a total of 400g.

Each strip is a length of 171mm * 171mm * 47mm


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