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  1. xermi123
  2. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 graw2
    For pleasure can you help me?
  3. AP1972
  4. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 graw2
    By mistake I deleted the carusel backgrounds. How can i do it for recharging them? can someone help me?
  5. Rafael Marfil Horacio
    Rafael Marfil Horacio ingbrzy
    Alguma novidade para o Hennessy? De novo não tem atualização? Alguma expectativa para as próximas ??
  6. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 ingbrzy
    Good morning ingbrzy. I asked you a question but did not answer. Will the carusel problem go away with the next update?
  7. Abakan83
    Abakan83 ingbrzy
    How use Android Pay with your ROMs?
  8. Joaquim Pereira Gregorio
  9. Kelvintino
    Mi Max 2 (4/64) Xiaomi eu rom 7.6.15 Beta
  10. saidrasul
    saidrasul ingbrzy
    my mi5s get brick . please help. my whatsapp +998974010000 (((
  11. Praveen Nair
  12. Gaffy
  13. zorda307
    zorda307 ingbrzy
    what hapend with heneseey,no updates anymore or what???
  14. Alex Ng
    Alex Ng ingbrzy
  15. kaczy44
    Redmi Note 4X
  16. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 gabrielconstantin264
    Does not it work for you either?
  17. Marco Silva
    Marco Silva ingbrzy
    mi5s file of the MIUI 8.6 7.6.15 of the developer is corrupted. I downloaded twice and was the same
  18. DeztMusic
    DeztMusic ingbrzy
    Hi there, I'm kind of new here.

    I already have the 8.6 - 7.6.8/10 version installed, how do I update it to this new one without losing any of my apps/data? (like Internet Banking Token, etc).
  19. Mário Rosário
  20. Ade Raya
  21. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 Nikob1s
    are you italian?
  22. GiusRiver81
    GiusRiver81 ingbrzy
    Carusel background for mix error message. Can I reinstall the previous update?
  23. Kiffi
    Xiaomi Redmi note 2
  24. Danmar Arteta
    Danmar Arteta ingbrzy
    Hi sir, Im using xiaomi mi 5s, after I update to Weekly 7.6.8 the fingerprint scanner of my phone acts crazy and usually doesn't work now. Can you help us that got this trouble? Thankyou! Sorry to bother you
  25. Contradix