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    New Android auto and Mi8 Black bars on car display

    Hmm you should just install an Android Pie based ROM and the problem ist gone...
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    Is it recommended to upgrade to 8.9.13?

    1 Android Auto shows correctly now. My problem seems to be that there does not come a notification of whatsapp messages in android auto... anybody else with this issue?
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    Just read this post over and over. It will be done when it's done. Have patience and be thankful!
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    New Android auto and Mi8 Black bars on car display

    Android P has notch support...So I am rather sure the problem will be solved when the new ROM with Android P is out So it is confirmed, Android Pie and the bug is gone!!!
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    New MIUI10 Mi8 Android Auto Display Problems

    Xiaomi does not care (yet!?!) I installed a Phhtreble Oreo ROM, the android auto bug was gone, but lots of other problems. (Display brightness fixed at 50%, camerawithout function...) Ahh okay, as you can read here -> Xiaomi is already testing internally Android P for Mi8 (dipper), then this...
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    Anybody having a Android Wear Smartwatch?

    Neither with MIUI global ROM, nor with ROM my LG Watch R sends me notifications of Threema, Whatsapp oder e-Mail. Is anybody here having a Android Wear watch and it works? Please show me your settings! Thank you very much in advance
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    permission for amazon shopping app

    Hi, when I click an Amazon app link in a WhatsappMessage, which permission do I have to set so that my Amazon App catches that link? And: When I delete the standards from my browser, why is the amazon app not a possibility to choose to open that link with? I am on Mi8 but I am rather sure its a...
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    MI8 8.8.7 global beta available

    Same problem here, without working Android Auto I am not going to use this smartphone...
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    Xiaomi Mi 8 Official Global ROM vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Global Version/Edition

    Unfortunately also this ROM does not solve this problem which is a showstopper for me in migrating!
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    Xiaomi Mi8 Global Version

    This is official global stable to download and install
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    New Android auto and Mi8 Black bars on car display

    At least the bug is the top confirmed bug at
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    New Android auto and Mi8 Black bars on car display

    Still no news, really disappointing...
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    Where s rom for mi8?

    The format of the date with Xiaomi is year month date, so 8 is for 2018, 7 for July and 6 is for the sixth that means this here is the latest build from 2018-07-26 just take one of those twrp's. As long as Xiaomi won't release the sources of Dipper there won't be an official TWRP!
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    Where s rom for mi8?

    @Ascrounch not better Older it is
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    Or could it be Wifi Hotspot activated?