Why hello, I'm Jake, not sure how many people read this but I feel like re-writing this so yeah .... I'm currently 17, I've been in marching band for 4 year's now. I am now in the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum and Bugle Corps. I also do winter perc. going on my 3rd year of it. What else? .... I'm laid back, I can be funny, I might be a little crazy(In a good way(Or that's what my friends say :D )). Just get to know me and decide for your self. I'm normally at band when I'm not at school or home and if I'm not at band then I'm camping at Loneoak Campground where I camped my whole life. So just message me or just read this and never get to know me if you want your choice. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Band Show's I was in: 9th Grade- Euro Trip - Naugy - 2nd @ Champ's 10th Grade- Best of Broadway - Naugy - 1st @ Champ's (Undefeated)(Had duet, masquerade) 11th Grade- Atlantis - Naugy - 2nd @ Champ's 12th Grade- Les Mis - Naugy - 1st @ Champ's (Undefeated)(Solo, On My Own) -------------------------------------------------------------------- 12th Grade- Gershwin - Ct Hurc's - Season just started!(11/28/10)

Drum and bugle corps, Drum Corps International, Paintball, Ubuntu Linux Drum Corps, Lone Oak Campgro


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