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    Hi all, flashed via TWRP on mi mix 3, but at reboot it goes directly to TWRP, any help ? Never happened flashing .eu to Mix 2 :(
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    it works on desire thank you !
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    confirm bootloop on 2.2.10
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    tried on 2.2.3, it's working.
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    [Workaround found !] Skype contacts non syncing at all !

    i am tired of market saying that there is an udate for skype ! i can't update it because i'll loose the contacts sync ! please miui, fix this ! sync works only with old skype version ( which is also bad in terms of battery usage ) !
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    usb tethering very unstable on Desire

    this bug is still there, also on last miui 2.1.20, i'm forced to use wifi tether.
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    whishlist : DLNA support for desire please !

    i tried iMediaShare, does not work on miui !
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    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    PLEASE miui, i tried many contacts apps, but i like miui one, please add the custom label names in contacts !!!
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    [MOD][ALL][GUIDE] ICS Transition Animation and others for MIUI

    please, old desire needs ics animations ... :)
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    [Workaround found !] Skype contacts non syncing at all !

    I've had this problem from a while, but till today i was looking otherwhere to solve it. Skype account appears among the available ones to sync contacts with, but when you choose it, nothing will happen ( miui 2.1.13 and previous ... ), with last n versions of skype. well, this morning i tried...
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    Port in GT9001 ? (Galaxy S Plus)

    +1, i could buy a galaxy S plus soon, i have a good offer :)
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    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    are we sure that Miui guys read this forum ? helloooooo :)
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    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    i try to explain : in gmail contacts, i have this contact: Pizzeria, with three numbers : pizzeria1 +39 xxxxxxx pizzeria2 +39 yyyyyy pizzeria3 +39 zzzzzzz in miui contacts, i have just: pizzeria +39 xxxxxxx +39 yyyyyy +39 zzzzzzz WITHOUT detail names, so i don't know what...
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    Camera app on the dock ? DISAPPEARED !

    Hi all, i tried to put the camera app on the dock, so i can have it always available ... what happened ? camera icon disappeared ! no way to have it again, i had to recover a backup ... if somebody would try ...
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    Call recording question

    interested, can't find recording options in any menu.