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    (Q) MI 9 SE worth install eu rom?

    First u have to unlock your bootloader (Twrp) u can find the tutorial for it here on the forum. The version to download u find here:
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    (Q) MI 9 SE worth install eu rom?

    I'd say yes. There is now a newer rom version available (12.5.4) and the phone is working just fine with it (no issues so far)!
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    Miui app name resize

    Same problem. Could u resolve it in some way? Thx
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    fingerprint not working

    Have u tried with the original stock rom if it works there. Or tried calibration in de cit menu? I could fix it (see my post).
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    Mi 9se Fingerprint problems

    FIXED: Flashed back to CN rom, put a fingerprint on and flashed to rom. Fingerprints are now working!
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    New Fingerprint not working with rom

    I have installed on my xiaomi mi 9se to the latest sable version (V12.5.1.0.RFBCNXM). Before there was the cinese rom (MIUI 10 on it). First I tried the fingerprint scanner with the chinese rom (miu 10) everything worked fine and smooth! But with the rom the fingers aren't even scanned...
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    fingerprint not working

    Hi, Having more or less the same problem. Did u find any solution? Thx
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    Mi 9se Fingerprint problems

    Hello to everyone, Today I installed the Rom , stable version 12.5 for the mi 9se. If I try to add the fp it won't let me add the full Fingerprint, only a part of it. And so it won't work to unlock the phone. Moreover the new Interface seema a bit slow. Is this normal? can anybody...
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    OTA updates rom

    Hello, I flashed the latest Miui version for my Mi9se via twrp. So, my question is if I'm getting further stable updates via the system app? Or will I have to download each new rom manually? Thanks