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    Screen rotation dont work?

    Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy S and my screen rotation dont work, and I know that are more people here in sweden with same problem, Someone who have a answer on this? (Sorry my bad english) :)
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    Disable lockscreen?

    Hello, I want do disable the lockscreen, I use 1.4.15 on my galaxy s. I have downloaded Widget locker because i like that better, but I cant disable the original. Now I have 2 lockscreens and I dont want that. Sombody who can help me? Mabe open the miui9000_rc5_1.4.15.rar and delete...
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    [MIUI 1.4.8] Wallpaper Scroll disable and 30 second Lockscreen timeout

    Work great on Galaxy S with Miui 1.4.15 :):)
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    [MODS] MIUI 1.2.11 ONLY - wallpaper scrolling mod, lockscreen timeout mod

    can you make a small guide for disable wallpaper scroll? I youse miui 1.4.15 on samsung galaxy s Thanks! :)