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    MIUI 1.8.26 bugs in HTC Desire

    @Liran, if you're using Facebook mobile, in order to go back to the previous page there is a back button already integrated at the very left upper corner (looking simply like this "<" )...
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    Sometimes randomly changes to a weird language after chaning themes

    @amonfog, you obviously don't get the issue, so don't be such a douche bag explaining what MIUI is. Anyway, I get the same thing sometimes where the font is completely messed up (in browser only). Changing the theme solves the thing for me though...
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Couple of questions about those cool looking images instead of carrier text: do you have to resize an image to a specific dimensions to fit in the status bar properly or...? Is it possible to put the image without the centre clock mod, with extended mod settings only? Sorry if those are dumb...
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    Many many bugs in 1.7.29 - Please fix!!

    Must say one of the previous versions I was using were a lot better, 1.7.8 for instance. Didn't notice any bugs at all. In this current version, a bug not letting to change alarm & sms tone should be fixed asap. Also in browser some changes don't take any effect, like some of the full screen...
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    Can't change alarm tone on 1.7.29

    +1 but now I can't change my sms tone too. Stays on "silent" as well as the alarm, unless I pick a tone from music. Shame... :(
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    [Mod] Extended Settings - Translations - Come and help translate it to your language!

    I can do the translation of those strings in Serbian/Croatian, but without the rest of language pack coz I can't find proper language pack to translate from. How could I do that?
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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    +1 in confirming that this awesome mod works on my desire too! Wanted to get rid of carrier name and finaly did thanks to very dedicated MIUI people. Thanks heaps! :)