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    MIUI 12.0 20.4.30 - First MIUI 12

    Dirty flash on MI 8 DIPPER. At the moment I have problems with screen gestures
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    MIUI 11.2 20.1.16/21 v3

    Yes, it works. Read this:
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    OK GOOGLE works fine on MI8 6Gb 128 Gb XIAOMI.EU 9.4.18
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    Same here in MI 8. Ok google can be trained, but can't be enabled
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    Impossible to download from both servers. dosen´t load with and without VPN. Waiting for another server.
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    I had the same problem yesterday in my MI5. I could not unlock with the fingerprint, I went to the configuration and it was gone. Restart the smartphone and it reappeared.
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    The fingerprint sensor in MI5 does not work for me
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    Another week without spanish translation. MI5 4Gb/128Gb
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    8.7.12 v2

    MI 5 4Gb/128Gb
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    8.7.12 v2

    Another week without spanish translation.
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    Please, solve the problem you have with the certificate of the page. I can't access it from Chrome. I have to use TOR to access. Thanks
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    Miui 10 Launching Soon...

    Xiaomi, through his spokesperson, has announced that they will begin to deploy it worldwide on June 7. We're excited to announce that the all new global #MIUI10 is coming on June 7. Get ready for a brand new #FullScreenExperience, which will take your phone experience to the next level. Let...
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    MIUI 9.6 8.4.26/8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.8/8.5.10/8.5.17/8.5.24

    Yes, works great Si, funciona correctamente. Yo no he tenido ningún fallo y de consumo de bataría va bien.