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    can not flash - snapshotted state error

    Thank you for your solution although changing snapshot state doesn't work somehow. But I am finally able to flash cusotm rom using ADB sideload. That saved my heart beat. I found that via your link. Thanks advance.
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    can not flash - snapshotted state error

    When I tried to flash miui any rom to my redmi note10, it keep showing error (flashing of metadata is not allowed in snapshotted state). How can I fix that? Do I need to change the state? How? Please help. And my phone has no os installed, so I also tried to install recovery rom, usb debugging...
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    Stuck in fastboot after EU rom update

    My phone is stuck in fastboot screen. I can't do anything. Whatever I do, it still goes to fastboot mode. I can't fastboot from pc also. It shows Failed to load/authenticate boot.img: load error. Before that my phone is already in custom rom and I wanted to update to MIUI EU rom, So I use EU...