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    Mi Note3 9.5.30

    Gcam works very well with this patch from XDA-forum, too. In difference to the first oreo weekly versions, where the camera was sh.., the MIUI cam works very great here, too...
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    Is Xiaomi Mi Note 3 a good device?

    Mi Note 3 is a very good phone. First miui 10 ROMs, the camera software wasn't good, but since the 9.20 ROM it is very good, I've newest 12.6 eu Rom with german language installed and I'm very satisfied. Everything works fine. Battery is good, only 1% over night, 2 days no problem for me with...
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    MIUI 10.2 8.11.29/30

    Fixed clean master for Jason in next weekly Rom (next week)? Edit: Ok, saw the comment from Igor Eisberg. Thanks
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    MIUI 10.2 8.11.29/30

    Bug? on Mi Note 3(Jason) In cleaner the ad- spinner rotates for hours, doesn't stop anytime.
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    Camera quality lower than rom Global

    and in comparison with 8.9.20 same quality or better if you tested 9.20, too?
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    Mi Note 3 Download MIUI 10 8.10.18

    Delayed this week, but don't know why.
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    Camera quality lower than rom Global

    I'm happy with 8.9 20. Best miui10 camera quality in my opinion. Don't need api2 anymore. In comparison with my wife's mi note 3 with MIUI 9 8.4.26 it's first MIUI 10 which can keep up with MIUI 9, especially in night scene. HDR is even better now. You have to delete first cache and settings...
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    Same problem here, too. Downgrading from developer 8.8.16 to any developer with Android 7.1 failed. Bootloop. Flashing 8.8.16 again, no problems, but ugly camera. Tested with serious twrp, deleting dalvik/wipe cache and data, but no chance.
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    Miui 10 8.7.26

    I think i'll wait up to 3-4 weeks for next update, because i've no big hope that the camera reach the quality from last MIUI 9 ROM's, especially at dark scenes....
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    MIUI 10 8.7.19

    Mi Note 3: Everything is better than in MIUI 9, especially sot and standby, but the camera is so much more worse. The camera was perfect in last MIUI 9 weekly and now it's nothing. When i compare with my woman's note 3 (she has last MIUI 9), in dark scenes there are many miles between...
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    MIUI 10 8.7.19

    Mi Note 3 Beta sourceforge dead link
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    MIUI 10 8.7.19

    Ok, i see. Android 8.1 delayed:confused:. That's a pity. Problem's with this Android version? I had hoped for a camera improvement, because it has deteriorated a lot since MIUI 9
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    MIUI 10 8.7.19

    Mi Note 3 delayed this week, too? Or later?
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    MIUI 9.6 8.3.29 V2

    Here is a Mi Note 3 Rom, but on Xiaomi-site Mi Note 3 is suspended this week? How do you make this? ;) Thank you for hard work!