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    Android 10 mi pad 4 plus

    Does anyone know where to download Android 10 for mi pad 4 plus?Recently i upgrade to Miui 11 now mi pad 4 plus become Redmi note 7..So i trying to download anyone help me thanks?
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    My Mi Pad 4 Plus "NOW" become Redmi Note 7 Rom

    Recently i flash mi pad 4 plus to Redmi note 7 BETA rom..Actually nice smooth rom only matters now there is NO fringerprint unlock.I guess Note 7 doesnt have it.So can i downgrade from MIUI 11 BETA to MIUI 10..if yes any MIUI 10 for mi pad 4 plus?
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    Mi pad 4 plus Flash Redmi Note 7 MIUI 11 BETA

    Recently i flash using redmi note 7 its worked great.Question now if i flash downgrade to MIUI 10 is it possible if yes where can i find it?